BORE TEX: Safe Accurate Muzzle Protection BORE TEX: Safe Accurate Muzzle Protection BORE TEX: Safe Accurate Muzzle Protection BORE TEX: Safe Accurate Muzzle Protection

About Bore-Tex

My dad would always say to me, “Will, treat every gun as if it were loaded.” It was the first lesson I learned as a young hunter. The second lesson was to have the muzzle under control. This meant I needed to be aware of where the gun was pointed and keep it from becoming obstructed. Those two initial safety lessons would be the catalysts for my patent pending product, BORE TEX.

BORE TEX muzzle protection caps were created out of the need for a durable way to cover and protect the barrel of a firearm while not compromising safety, accuracy or the integrity of the gun. Every year I participate in several different hunting seasons and most, if not all, have extreme weather conditions accompanying them. Whether it is braving blowing snow, a powerful spring rainstorm or just sitting in a bed of wet leaves and mud, protecting my gun from the elements is important to my overall safety, as well as preserving the value and accuracy of the gun.

I began working on the design for BORE TEX in 2007 and was excited to see the first round of completed products. The design and materials worked well in regard to placement and fit. The caps went on snuggly, stayed in place and could easily be removed using the extended finger nub. It was apparent the material was strong enough to keep the end of the gun protected from dings and damage caused by accidental barrel contact with rocks and other hard surfaces. But there was one more extremely important test I needed to perform before going forward.

The remaining and most vital test was whether or not BORE TEX caps would be safe if one were to be accidentally fired through. This was a major concern for me since the point of all this was safety. During the initial test I was a little nervous to say the least. The idea of covering the barrel was counterintuitive to those initial lessons from my dad. After the first shot, with the muzzle of my gun covered by a BORE TEX cap, I took stock of my body parts and saw they were all still intact. I then checked my Remington Model 700 and was glad to see the gun barrel was fine and my shot hit the target 100 yards down range! It worked perfectly.

Since that time, I have conducted many shooting tests to ensure shooter safety and accuracy. I can provide conclusive evidence that your shotgun, muzzle loader and rifle will be accurate with BORE TEX applied. I do NOT recommend you shoot through BORE TEX caps on a regular basis. But if you don’t have time to remove it, or simply forget, you can rest assured that you will be safe and your shot will strike down range.